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Autumn Tapestry

As various obligations take priority over photography it is often difficult to be creative.  There is no time or energy to get out and make new compositions, no time to work on more recent digital archives and definitely no time to scan transparencies from years past.  Then I begin thinking and wondering why I even bother with this blog.  Very few people look, almost nobody comments as the attention span of the average viewer may be no more than that of a hummingbird pausing at a flower…on to the next thing.  There is no engagement, no conversation, no thought that lasts more than 7 seconds.  And perhaps most viewers want to see very cooked up and unrealistic images that have flooded the digital world.  Does anyone care to see something more honest?  Or is a sunset with colors never seen by the human eye somehow more fascinating than the one that can take your breath away while you are witnessing it?

Does anybody get out to see the real world and appreciate the beauty?  Perhaps not.  Some questions for thought.  I know, I shouldn’t care, but somehow, at least at some moments, I do.

. . .

In the meantime, here is an image I made several years ago along a busy highway (not a pleasant experience at all).  It was drizzling and the colors were saturated from the wetness.  As this scene was farther away and not very accessible I set up my camera with a 200mm telephoto lens.  The rain began to increase and within seconds after capturing this scene I had to quickly pack up and run back to the vehicle.

I love the myriad of colors here, the blue berries on the bush toward the bottom left, the depth beyond the aspens.  There is a peacefulness to the scene…and looking at it I see the beauty and hear the gentle rain.  The noise of the road has been forgotten and erased by my mind, there is just the glory of the scene and thankfulness for witnessing something real….

A beautiful forest scene in late autumn | Central Cascades, Washington

A beautiful forest scene in late autumn | Central Cascades, Washington


Lone Pine & Sage

We were traveling east of Washington’s Cascade Range when we made the decision to go near the Canadian border and check out some roads we have never set foot on.  It was fantastic, felt desolate and beautiful.  The day was warm, enough so that snakes were coming out of their holes to sun themselves on the pavement.  The air was filled with intoxicating aromas of spring sage, the sky was graced with floating cumulus clouds and plenty of crisp blueness.  The whole place was just breathing with life and we had big smiles on our faces.

I really loved the gentle folds in this sage covered hillside and of course the lone ponderosa pine.  But what really was the icing on the cake was the light.  As the clouds moved across the face of the glowing sun the landscape changed by the second. I had my Sony a900 camera on the tripod with the fantastic Minolta 200mm 2.8 APO lens and made several composition as the light played on the hillside.  This one is one of the favorites.

Lone ponderosa pine thriving in a sage landscape of north-central Washington

Lone ponderosa pine thriving in a sage landscape of north-central Washington

As we slowly meandered and enjoyed the landscapes we were just filled with awe and inspiration.  So much majesty and splendor.  Yes, we would love to travel parts of the world, like Africa and Iceland and Australia and New Zealand, but it is just awesome to be moved by landscapes near home.  It doesn’t matter if they are grand or just below one’s feet.  We just need to open our eyes and breathe in the splendor.


Idaho’s Shadow Falls

We’ve had a few wonderful sunny and warm days.  It is actually 81F inside of our home as I write this…but that’s just fine.  The days are rapidly getting shorter and summer, even though still here, is coming to a close.  I’m looking forward to autumn, but not the long dreary winter that is quite close now.  But I’ll put that thought aside and reminisce about a more favorable time and continue to enjoy the summery warmth embracing me.

Time sure flows too quickly.  It has now been almost four years since I made this composition.  We were visiting our good friends Chris and Connie in Idaho for a few days in September when they offered to be our tour guides and show us a few spots in their new backyard.  For early September the weather was getting a bit funky: warm, cold, foggy, snow dusting at medium elevation, rain, and then a bit more sunshine.

We followed a twisty road here and turned at a bend there, stopped along the river to admire the ripples heading to a larger river.  Then continued on a bumpy dirt road to the trailhead.  Our friends brought some fantastic snacks so we greatly enjoyed them before going on this short trail to a couple attractive waterfalls.

The upper waterfall on the same creek is called Shadow Falls.  It isn’t big but is for sure charming.  I studied it from various angles and chose this particular view after scrambling up just a bit.

Shadow Falls plunging into a shallow pool. | Idaho

Shadow Falls plunging into a shallow pool. | Idaho

I liked how the mossy cliff on the left leads to the waterfall, the fact that the pool is shallow, making the multi-toned rocks visible.  The scene was overall very green and perhaps not so breathtaking as it could have been, at least from the color point of view.  But did I think about these things while there?  Not so much.  I remember admiring the beauty of this little charmer, the experience of getting there with our friends, enjoying it with my wife.  I simply then responded when I saw this vantage point.

I used my then Sony a900 digital camera and the 20mm wide angle lens to capture my vision.  The image remained hidden in my files for quite some time before I was inspired by it again…and I immediately saw its potential in black and white.  So here it is…I like it.

A big thank you to our friends!