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Idaho’s Shadow Falls

We’ve had a few wonderful sunny and warm days.  It is actually 81F inside of our home as I write this…but that’s just fine.  The days are rapidly getting shorter and summer, even though still here, is coming to a close.  I’m looking forward to autumn, but not the long dreary winter that is quite close now.  But I’ll put that thought aside and reminisce about a more favorable time and continue to enjoy the summery warmth embracing me.

Time sure flows too quickly.  It has now been almost four years since I made this composition.  We were visiting our good friends Chris and Connie in Idaho for a few days in September when they offered to be our tour guides and show us a few spots in their new backyard.  For early September the weather was getting a bit funky: warm, cold, foggy, snow dusting at medium elevation, rain, and then a bit more sunshine.

We followed a twisty road here and turned at a bend there, stopped along the river to admire the ripples heading to a larger river.  Then continued on a bumpy dirt road to the trailhead.  Our friends brought some fantastic snacks so we greatly enjoyed them before going on this short trail to a couple attractive waterfalls.

The upper waterfall on the same creek is called Shadow Falls.  It isn’t big but is for sure charming.  I studied it from various angles and chose this particular view after scrambling up just a bit.

Shadow Falls plunging into a shallow pool. | Idaho

Shadow Falls plunging into a shallow pool. | Idaho

I liked how the mossy cliff on the left leads to the waterfall, the fact that the pool is shallow, making the multi-toned rocks visible.  The scene was overall very green and perhaps not so breathtaking as it could have been, at least from the color point of view.  But did I think about these things while there?  Not so much.  I remember admiring the beauty of this little charmer, the experience of getting there with our friends, enjoying it with my wife.  I simply then responded when I saw this vantage point.

I used my then Sony a900 digital camera and the 20mm wide angle lens to capture my vision.  The image remained hidden in my files for quite some time before I was inspired by it again…and I immediately saw its potential in black and white.  So here it is…I like it.

A big thank you to our friends!