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Monkeyflowers & Mountain Stream

We’re experiencing a little heat wave in the Seattle area with temps in the 90s.  That’s not really bad and I’m not complaining but when so much of the year is gloomy and cool it is definitely a bit of a shock to go to these extremes.  With this heat my thoughts are taking me to mountain meadows.  By now the flowers should be nicely blooming and gracing the meadows with their beauty and filling the air with just an amazing and delicious aroma.

It has been several years since I witnessed such a gorgeous display and I’m hoping to get out this season.  I’ve definitely missed it.

This photograph was made in the Paradise area of Mt. Rainier National Park a few summers ago.  The display of pink monkeyflowers was simply stunning!  I made this composition in the early evening along a quiet little creek.  I really like a bit of the blue cast on the rocks coming from the blue sky and the glorious “island” of pink monkeyflowers in the foreground.  A sprinkling of the yellow mountain monkeyflowers made the whole scene even more attractive.

How I wish I could be standing there in this small sea of lovely flowers and be making compositions….

Monkeyflowers & Mountain Stream | Mt. Rainier NP

Monkeyflowers & Mountain Stream | Mt. Rainier NP