2015 in Review: Delicate Beauty

In March and April winter can still have quite a grip on our area but hints of delicate beauty begin to appear for the keen observer. I don’t always carry a camera with me, even though many would argue that the iPhone is good enough. We loaded up in the car, and Stan was beside himself loving both car rides and the adventures once we would arrive at our destination.

Just in case, some scaled down gear made it in the bag. It was still early in the season, being March, but little hints of greenery graced the branches of various plants. Heather got to this spot just beside the quietly flowing Mill Creek and began her photographic exploration. At first I didn’t see a whole lot that really grabbed me, but after looking, this salmonberry flower commanded my attention. Stan patiently sniffed some grasses and waited….

Salmonberry Flower, March | Mill Creek, Washington

Salmonberry Flower, March | Mill Creek, Washington

On another occasion, a month later, we returned to the park. By now, spring could be seen in full force and sound. The trees have greened up, as have the grasses and various creeping plants. Songbirds were calling their potential mates and filled the air with music. Mallards quietly maneuvered Mill Creek, hoping for handouts while being eyed by Stan. And the slopes along the trail were covered by gorgeous wild bleeding hearts. And so I enjoyed making some images of these flowers, with this one being one of my favorite compositions.

Bleeding Hearts, April | Mill Creek, Washington

Bleeding Hearts, April | Mill Creek, Washington

4 thoughts on “2015 in Review: Delicate Beauty

  1. Heather

    It’s refreshing to see color of the buds from last Mar/Apr. I especially love that salmonberry comp, color, background, everything! What is the pic of 2015 for today?


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