Old Chevy Farm Truck

You just never know what you will find in the Palouse of eastern Washington State.  A farming landscape of beautiful rolling hills, old towns, abandoned homesteads, lone trees, barns just barely standing, and other relics of a bygone era such as this old Chevrolet truck.  Then there is the light…love the light!

Our friends were showing us some of their favorite backroads in the region when we came upon this old beauty.  We all had fun making compositions, each adding their own vision to the scene.  I wondered about its past, back in its prime, before it became old and tired, as its owner put it to use daily around the farm.  I reflected on the days when I was a young kid in Poland helping my uncle on his farm during harvest time.  Often, I miss those days, forever gone….

This image is available as a print in various sizes in my shop, just a click away, here.  Thanks for checking it out!

Old Chevy farm truck, resting in the fields of the Palouse | Washington

Old Chevy farm truck, resting in the fields of the Palouse | Washington

2 thoughts on “Old Chevy Farm Truck

  1. Ross Martin

    Slavomir, great image! I love how the truck and sky share the same tone of blue, and how your post-processing adds to the nostalgic feel. I can see this looking great on the wall in many a home or business. Also liked your remembrance of farming days in Poland as a youth.


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