Quiet Forest Road

Wow are the days getting short around here.  Early summer can still have light in the sky at 10pm but now it is dark at just past 8pm.  Seems like the last couple weeks we’ve been losing that light way too speedily….The wetland grasses are golden, leaves are beginning to show hints of the changing season.   And the rains in the last couple days definitely are harbingers of what’s to come.

It has been a good summer and the brief autumn will hopefully bring a few great compositions.  And I’m going to try to not think about winter!

As I was returning from Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan areas in late summer I took the road less traveled by, to use Robert Frost’s famous words.  I made a few side journeys on dirt roads I haven’t been down before or simply not in a long time.  The clouds were weeping all day long and I wasn’t in much of a hurry.  Eventually in the later afternoon the rain let up and I found this pleasing curve in the road.  It was still warm, the trees were dripping, and I was surrounded by solitude.

I lingered for a while, just taking in the view, filling my lungs with the fresh moist air and enjoying making this composition.  I do wonder what this scene will be painted like in autumn….

Lonely late summer forest road inviting the explorer | Washington

Lonely late summer forest road inviting the explorer | Washington


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