Mt. Diablo Oak Landscapes

Many years ago, while still residing in San Diego, I purchased a photo book on California with photography by one of my favorite landscape artists, Carr Clifton.  It is a beautiful volume overall but there were a few images that captivated my imagination and burned themselves into my memory.  They were oaks at Mt. Diablo State Park.

I often thought about this destination but after moving to Washington I got to exploring and turning over the stones in this state and California needed to wait for another day.  That day eventually came, some 20 years later, and we were simply overjoyed to put Mt. Diablo on our destination map.

Arriving early in the morning on a weekday, the place was mostly deserted.  The oaks and rolling hills were everywhere and I felt humbled and very blessed to be witnessing such glorious beauty.  The spring foliage was catching the sunlight and glowing radiantly; I didn’t have to wait long before the inspiration to make compositions overflowed.

Mt. Diablo oak forest glowing in brilliant backlight | Mt. Diablo State Park, CA

Mt. Diablo oak forest glowing in brilliant backlight | Mt. Diablo State Park, CA

Later in the day we secured a nice campground high in the hills, stirred up a good meal, and headed back out to witness more beauty and solitude.  In the evening we were treated to an amazingly brilliant starry sky and sounds of all the local critters, small and large.  We even woke up in the middle of the night to a raccoon rattling around in camp and later looking for something on top of our truck!

It was simply a tremendous couple days in this park, and we only barely scratched the surface.  The place is more glorious than I imagined, and we hope to return again.  For anyone fascinated by trees, this place is truly breathtaking.

Spring oak landscape in afternoon light | Mt. Diablo State Park, CA

Spring oak landscape in afternoon light | Mt. Diablo State Park, CA

As I was reading this morning, God’s words stirred me and I was prompted to write about trees…

“Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.”

Psalm 92:13 (NKJV)


2 thoughts on “Mt. Diablo Oak Landscapes

  1. Ross Martin

    Slav, it was captivating to read of the joy you experienced at Mt. Diablo, and the images are singing! The 2nd picture is almost heartbreaking because the beauty of the scene is so sublime I want to immediate run out into those oak-covered hills but cannot! And what a well-chosen scripture at the end to meditate on.

    1. Slavomir Post author

      Thanks my friend, glad you have enjoyed this post. Indeed, that distant meadow is so inviting and also calls me to come closer each time I look at it.


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