Over the years we always passed by Rockport State Park on Washington’s Highway 20, in a hurry to other destinations. We were intrigued to explore it, but besides pulling in to use the facilities on occasion, it remained untouched by us.  Until about two years ago when we adopted our awesome dog, Stan.  That prompted us to finally take a day trip specifically focused on this park.

With several trails to choose from, we took the first, which rambled mostly through second growth forest.  Nice, but not spectacular.  Eventually the trail diverged and we decided to check it out…and we found a path filled with glorious soft light.  The trees were beginning to look more stately.  Eventually we discovered giant old growth trees that were just breathtaking…but that will be left for another post.  This forest path made us linger for a while.

Join me in reflections on the landscape.

Quiet Forest Path | Rockport State Park, WA

Quiet Forest Path | Rockport State Park, WA

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